Changing Seasons, Changing Mediums

The leaves are finally starting to fall in the piney woods. The night air has the snap of chill (sweater weather). Fall has arrived late this year, but arrive it finally has. I’m enjoying the morning fire in the studio wood stove, the tea kettle simmering away, my dogs sleeping quietly nearby. My morning walks alight with the tumbling leaves of big leaf maples, dogwood, black oak and the smell of pine and cedar. Change use to unsettle me, make me nervous but, now I welcome it. It signals  opportunities to discover new things and new experiences. This changing of this season has spurred a yearning in me to explore a new medium. I’ve been working in watercolor and pen and ink for a few years now, and although I won’t give it up entirely, I’m going to immerse myself in oil paint (a medium that I have only dabbled in). There are challenges to oil painting that will force me to learn and to grow as an artist. I will be posting my progress here and on my other social media pages. Here we go…IMG_4813

Inktober Win

Inktober has come and gone. I actually made it through the whole month, although I had to play catch-up. I started following the Official Inktober prompts, but soon abandoned them to follow my own path (I’ve never been good at coloring within the lines). It was a great opportunity to dig into the depths of my art supply boxes. I used all types of different pens, brushes and inks. I so appreciate these online art community projects because they stretch my creative techniques and practice. I also enjoy seeing the work of other artists and how they tackle the same project.

World Watercolor Month

Just a few days left of #WorldWaterColorMonth. World Watercolor Month is an annual global charitable event featuring the ultimate challenge of 31 Watercolors is 31 Days! Check out for more information!

I find this a fun and challenging event to participate in. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, no matter what your skill level. There is such a sense of camaraderie with all of the others who participate. It’s a good way to get involved in an online art community, to meet other artists and be inspired to paint every day.FF1FE373-68C2-4E51-AF3A-FC9D178B4412

Another Day, Another Dog

I used the fabulous Sktchy app (I highly recommend it to those who are looking for free to use photos and a wonderful community) and found this little fellow to paint. I switched it up a bit and went with a monochromatic color scheme. I enlarged his eyes and made them a bit human looking. I find it part whimsical and part creepy. IMG_0943

Studio Chaos

Okay, so I’m not the anal-retentive neat freak, but I do like (and need) order to my life and the space around me. In my studio life clutter happens. I start out working on a watercolor and while it dries, I hop over to another area in the studio to work on a piece I’m doing in charcoal, then I might work on a third project or sketches (or something). In my wake I leave a trail of reference sketches, scraps of test papers, photos, notes, a bottle of water, a cup of tea, my iPad, my phone, several pairs of headphones, dog treats, magazines, pencils, pens and assorted brushes… every surface covered with stuff! Depending on projects, deadlines and just deep immersion into a painting, this chaos can last for days, building in layers until I find myself digging like an archaeologist to find just the right pen, pencil or brush. Frustration causes Left-Brain to throw the breaker switch and say “enough”! I look around me in disbelief, and horror.  I take a deep breath and slowly start to declutter, putting things back in their order, vowing I’ll start being tidier as I work, putting this back after I’m through with them, keep this chaos in check…

…and Right -Brain just smiles.


Time Marches On

Time is a funny thing. Not “ha ha” funny, but “odd” funny. It is constant, but the mind seems to freely contract and expand the seconds, minutes, hours, days and months. Noticed in those moments when you’ve been working on a painting for what seems like only moments, but a glance at the clock and the stiffness in your back attest to having set for hours working on the painting. So it goes my blogging, it seems like it was just last week since my last post when in fact it has been a couple of months. Time to post weekly to-do reminders!cropped-cropped-img_0092.jpg