Blogging…. take #3


So ummmm….. yeah, I’m back again. This will be my third (yes, THIRD) attempt at keeping a blog. The first blog I had was so awful that it was never even published. I’m sure there is a place out there in the ether where unpublished blogs go to live out the rest of their lives with all of the flotsam and jetsam of unused vowels, consonants and conjunctions that go unread. Blog number two got off to a great start. It was the first of the year, I was all excited. I worked really hard on that blog entry, had a great photo to go with it, posted it with giddy excitement……. and that was all. Yep! A one post blog. The saddest thing on the internet, that post just sat there alone for months, and more months. Hmmm. So, okay I have to confess, I’m not a writer and words don’t come easily for me, let alone grammar and punctuation (which by is probably pretty evident). I am however a creative individual (visual artist) with the yearning to share. I so admire all of the bloggers out there that I follow for being able to show up at their keyboards regularly and share about their lives, professions and talents. That is my goal.

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