Yes, it is really happening

paintspaceYes, this is really happening! After much terror and toil…. I’m opening my first Online Shop! I have spent many months doing research on printing options and techniques, testing papers and inks, test scanning and printing samples. I researched every possible selling option on the internet, read all of the fine print, read every endorsement and every gripe, weighed the pro and cons. Finally, I have found the answers that work for me.


Because I’m such a control freak, all of the printing will be done in my studio. I will be doing the packing and shipping also.

The other big news is that I’m actually going to promote this blog (LOL) along with the launch of my online shop. Tomorrow the training wheels come off.


2 thoughts on “Yes, it is really happening

  1. Eileen, that’s exciting news! My shop it on hiatus right now. I had a move of residence and now I’m on the road for a couple of months. I’m expecting to reopen in early August (fingers crossed). As far as the experience, sales are slower than I would like. But, that is due to me not doing any marketing (which I will do when I reopen). My main income still comes from freelance illustrations and commissions (which I’m going to also offer online). My big difficulty (and I think everyones) is finding the right venue. I opted to go with Amazon Handmade because they make everything pretty seamless and easy (including taxes, shipping and tracking inventory). I think eventually I will start a second shop at Etsy maybe for selling originals. There are quite a few other sites out there that also host artists and their work. Everyone of them is built a little differently. Society6 and Redouble are a couple of the better known ones. I would opt for my own commerce site, but I don’t like having deal with upkeep, and I can’t afford to hire anyone to do it. All that said, I do like printing and shipping my own work, because I’m in control of color matching and whatnot. My printer has already paid for itself. I couldn’t find a printshop in my area that could do gicleé prints that I could afford. Good luck! And, if I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to ask. (we artists have to stick together:)


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