Something Old, Something New

koilrgThis is an older painting of mine. By old, I mean it was done months ago (April 11th to be exact). Time is definitely relative to someone who spends every day painting (sigh). I love the the blue and orange complementary colors, the arch of the fish’s body and those crazy ripples. I distinctly remember the day that I painted this was one of those spring days where the weather starts out chilly in the morning, but by afternoon the sun has warmed things a bit and you really start to smell the promise of spring turning to summer. I remember it so well because it was the day I dusted about 3 inches (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit) of accumulated winter dust off of the patio table, and brought my art supplies outside to paint. A day of ease, where painting isn’t a struggle or frustration… a day of magic. Whenever I see this image I’m transported back, whatever my present struggle or frustration gets forgotten and that same ease seeps into my bones and relaxes me. So, yesterday when I posted this print in my shop, I was hoping that where ever these prints end up, they bring viewers the same ease and magic.

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