What’s the Point?

fullsizerender-2I am obsessed to know what tools other artists use to create their works of art. I’m always in search of something new and exciting to try. Be it pens, ink, paint, brushes, paper, a new phone app…. yes, obsessed.

So today, I thought that I would share my favorite pencils, erasers and sharpeners.img_1296

From front to back: Wooden Pencil – Staedtler Mars Lumograph HB, oh so smooth and reliable. Mechanical Pencil – Sakura 127 0.7 lead, a fairly inexpensive pencil, but it feels good in my hand and gives me detail lines. Lead Holders – Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth Versatil, sturdy all metal body has a great heft to it, feels like driving an Audi. Rotring Art Pencil, nice tapered barrel (like a dip pen) gives this lead holder a super comfortable balance. I can draw with this all day and not suffer hand fatigue. Koh-i-nor Hardtmuth 5.6mm lead holder with the handy sharpener in the lid. Like driving a semi tractor trailer, big and bold strokes. Palomino Dual Sharpener (I love the Palomino pencils too). Staedtler lead sharpener, keeps everything pointy for super fine detail work. Lastly, my favorite graphite eradicators: Tombow Mono Zero, I actually use both the round and the rectangle shapes, you can really pull out details with these little guys. Moo PVC eraser is fairly new to my toolbox. It picks up graphite better than the art gum eraser I used to use. I actually will cut my own shapes from these erasers depending on the areas I need to erase.

4 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. I’ve never seen anyone compare drawing tools to driving different vehicles. 🙂 What experience with different vehicles do you have? Audi sports cars and semi trucks?

    Aside from all of that, nice fish. Be careful with that obsession; you might spend more time chasing new than necessary when you can find new ways to enjoy the old. Chasing the new is like the Midas touch.

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    • LOL, I do have a love of driving and vehicles:) I have spent many hours crisscrossing the country behind the wheel of a Freight Liner (much less time behind the wheel of an Audi). Thanks so much for your feedback. My obsession is nearly in check:0


      • I’m surprised you didn’t feature a drawing of a Kenworth eighteen wheeler or some sports car. 🙂 Maybe all of us who are always chasing new things could “pay it forward” and pass off our not-so-new-anymore tools to someone on the road we travel to keep the inventory in check/order…sort of like rock stars tossing guitars, guitar picks, drumsticks and the like to their fans. Provided the artist isn’t starved for cash. 🙂

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