I can’t believe that the first month and a half of 2017 is spent. I have been meaning to post something since the first part of January (ummmm, shrug) 2017 has already proven to be a busy one! I’ve had a hasty relocation of habitation and creativity. Yes, that’s right, I’ve moved home and studio. New beginnings, new opportunities, renewed meditation practice.

I’m trying to stay optimistic and positive about the new world that I find myself in (both physically and politically). There will be challenges this year, some of them very difficult. I won’t give into fear and anger. “With the presence of great understanding and freedom in us, we can embrace hardships countless times without fear” -Thich Nhat Hahn. I will try my best to practice compassion, towards those that I support as well as those that I disagree with. I will remember my blessings (I have many) and try to live in the gratitude for all wonderful things in my life.

So, I’ve gotten settled in my new abode (more or less). Now to put my studio in to some semblance of order. I long to fall back into the rhythm of spending days in front of the easel/drawing table, drinking copious amount of coffee/tea.

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