Thin Spots

There are places on this earth that speak to me. A calming and soothing voice that lets me drop my “competitor/survivor” facade and truly relax. A friend and former Pastor, Russ once described such places as “thin spots”, or a place where you can connect to the “Sacred” more easily. One of my thin spots is Seacliff Beach in Aptos, California. Even on the rainiest of days I can easily slip into meditation or find the often talked about “zone” that artists get into, where thoughts cease and time stops having meaning. This week, I have had the fortune (Thank you GH) to spend a lot of time at Seacliff, relaxing and recharging my emotional batteries. My wish is that everyone could find at least one thin spot where they can lay down their woes and find some peace. NamasteIMG_4403

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