Back when I was a Pup

Late night struggles with posting a new blog head (ugh). I’ve been wanting to switch the heading art for some time now, but being the uber-procrastinater that I am with all things not related to a pencil or a paintbrush, well…….. better late than never. I know that I should spend time learning tech stuff. Apps and programs change so fast, that it’s hard to keep up. Back when I was a pup myself, I worked as a graphic designer (for 16 years) and used Photoshop, Illustrator and (the deceased) Pagemaker everyday. (Does anyone out there remember Pagemaker, or Quark?) It was second nature, all quick keys, Pantone numbers and most fonts memorized. Now, half of the programs on my Macbook, I can stumble thru at best and the other half, I have to look at tutorials on my iPad (long gone are the 5 lb tutorials that used to come with a program, that had all of the hand written notes and post-its hanging out of pages). There are so many helpful resources on the internet to learn about whatever it is you need to know, there is really no excuse for my ignorance, nor my procrastination:)IMG_0141

Update: I just checked the new blog head on all of my devices. Ha! two out three look good. Damn the multiple platforms! When I was a pup the biggest concern was trying to get a Mac to communicate with a PC (LOL).

One thought on “Back when I was a Pup

  1. Jaime, my first graphic design job I worked in Pagemaker and then we quickly switched to Quark. I used Quark for years and years, until I realized I’d never get another job (I was home with the kids at the point and freelancing) if I didn’t learn InDesign. I’ve learned the only way to really learn a program is to use it a lot (after learning the basics). Nowadays YouTube videos help, but if I don’t put the program into practice with real projects I forget it all very quickly. Love your pup!

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