A Peek At My Mom’s Garden

My mom has the greenest thumb of anyone I know. I, on the other hand can manage to grow only the hardiest of plants. Cacti and other plants that don’t need too much attention are my botanical friends. Mom’s garden is a delightfully haphazard journey where you never know what you’ll find. Enchanting plant names like, bleeding hearts, bears britches and hens and chicks draw you in. You have to take your time and look carefully or you might just miss the tiny moss covered statues that keep watch over the butterflies, bumblebees, salamanders and banana slugs as well the plants. I have on occasion tried to paint things in the garden, but my paintings are epoch failures……. I can’t compete with all of that pure beauty. I do capture them in photographs, so that on those dreariest of winter days I can revisit the garden and start looking forward to spring.


2 thoughts on “A Peek At My Mom’s Garden

    • My mom is a plant magician. The funny thing is that usually I’m so blissed out and distracted by all of the birds, insects and squirrels that hang out in the garden, I find it hard to concentrate on drawing and painting (LOL)

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