Changing Seasons, Changing Mediums

The leaves are finally starting to fall in the piney woods. The night air has the snap of chill (sweater weather). Fall has arrived late this year, but arrive it finally has. I’m enjoying the morning fire in the studio wood stove, the tea kettle simmering away, my dogs sleeping quietly nearby. My morning walks alight with the tumbling leaves of big leaf maples, dogwood, black oak and the smell of pine and cedar. Change use to unsettle me, make me nervous but, now I welcome it. It signals  opportunities to discover new things and new experiences. This changing of this season has spurred a yearning in me to explore a new medium. I’ve been working in watercolor and pen and ink for a few years now, and although I won’t give it up entirely, I’m going to immerse myself in oil paint (a medium that I have only dabbled in). There are challenges to oil painting that will force me to learn and to grow as an artist. I will be posting my progress here and on my other social media pages. Here we go…IMG_4813

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