My mantra is “show up every day”. I set yearly challenges for myself to draw and/or paint every day. The practice of “showing up every day” has vastly improved my drawing/painting skills and has strengthened my confidence when approaching any subject. This year’s challenge, that I’ve dubbed “Life in the H20” has me focused on daily drawing of things that live in water (real or imagined). When I sit down to create, I usually know what I’m going to draw. I keep a notebook full of notes and small sketches of things for futures works. I start paintings with a sketch in graphite. I then start to loosely build watercolor layers, adding more details with each layer. I usually finish each piece with graphite and white paint pen details. Jaimie Campbell is an artist living in the San Joaquin Valley of California. She has worked professionally as an illustrator, photographer and graphic designer. She is currently working in watercolors and mixed media.

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